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Interactive Communication Unit (ICU) for Robot Power ARC-12 Multitasking Robot Controller

ARC-12 Multitasking Robot Controller

Robot Power ARC-12 Multitasking Robot Controller (At a moment available only for existing products) ARC-12 system controller includes two tasks. Multitask programming is faster, easier (for skilled person) and safer when same controller controls also peripheral devices. Controller can be decentralized. The local control of peripheral devices can be placed near-by controlled units.

Menu interface for easy teaching.
Easy to use operating doesn't limit only for making the program but it also covers testing of the program. During the program test you can correct the path by Joy Stick. Also welding parameters can be changed during welding and programmed values are changed to the program without any editing (option). You can drive program step by step forwards or backwards or start the program from any point. This makes teaching of the movement tracks faster.

PRO-level is used for realizing demanding tasks and for customizing Menus. PRO-program language makes versatile and extensive controlling functions possible. Complex PRO-level programs can be easier written by (optional) keyboard or in separate PC.Menu interface: Customized menu-software (made by PRO-language) makes the program user intimate. The robot is like a custom made special machine that tells required information and doesn't show unnecessary things to the user. It simply displays notifications about the status of the system and tells what to do in different situations.

PRO-program language has over 170 commands and functions. Below a short representation about certain features. PRO-program language has diversified structures for different situations for example: IF THEN ELSE, CASE END, LOOP UNTIL WHILE END. Mathematical functions: Sin, Cos, square, root, abs... Converting functions: locations (position) to variable... Movement forms: Joint-, linear- and circular-interpolation