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Air Core Reactor

Air Core Reactor (D=3000 mm).This composite product family was redesigned for enabling the automation.


Factory for Air Core Reactors. All Production lines are designed and manufactured by Robot Power

Production line for Air Core Reactors

Air Core Reactor Production Lines Robot Power has developed unique technology for Air Core Reactor manufacturing

High lights:

- complete solution for production
- cheap raw materials => more profit
- individual reactor manufacturing
- reactor manufacturing is made according a customer specific recipe file
- less possibilities for human errors and mistakes
- equal, high quality because of repeatability
- high rotating speeds safely
- high safety level, because the operator is outside of the machine cabin during the production
- Pleasant, motivating working environment
- Only one operator is needed for each production line
- Easy to use with interactive user interface
- optimizing the structure of the Reactor is easier because the changes are happening just as planed
- 14 Servo-axis

Description of the production:


- production lines capable for different product ranges. The biggest product (so far) is D=3500mm height 3000 mm and smallest D=600mm height 800mm

Roving (glass fiber with resin):

- is started, winded and ended by the machine
- support materials are assembled during the winding process


- aluminium - are started, winded and ended by the machine

Air cooling spacers:

- are assembled by machine

Support windings:

- are done between the cylinders